We only sell one brand of record player, Audio-Technica: a Japanese company with over 50 years of experience. We do this because their quality control is outstanding. We don't like to mess around and we don't like to mess you around. 

Free courier to anywhere in the Sydney Basin. Call (02 9380 8223) or email us and we’ll shoot you a paypal invoice or you can pay with a card over the phone.

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There is a lot of rubbish out there at the lower end of the market, and don't get us started on shops that sell  turntables but don't bother stocking replacement needles!

The LP60x is the best entry level record player we could find (and how we got into AT :)

You can have it in Bluetooth $299 (our default option due to the popularity of Bluetooth speakers and headphones now).

But we can order in the standard $249 (black, red or gun metal grey) or USB $269 (black or gun metal - order remotely and we’ll ship for free). All come with a $50 gift voucher.

Line & Phono outputs, and this little belt-drive is full automatic. More Info




The LP2X is the successor to the LP3. It’s also fully-automatic which means that it starts at the press of a button. It also stops by itself and the needle returns to rest (great for kids or partners who might not be so adept at needle placement).

Belt drives are SUPER QUIET.

With a removable cartridge you can upgrade your pick-up. As with all AT decks, it has both line and phono outputs.

This deck is very gentle on your vinyl and has some pretty gorgeous lines.

This is the deck we recommend for the every day home user, vinyl collector.

Comes with a $50 gift voucher More Info



LP120xUSB - $529

What’s the different between this turntable and the LP140x? That’s a great question, because they look almost identical.

However, they are not. They are both manual (and both have the little lever for lowering the needle safely) and they both also play 33/45 & 78.

BUT the LP120x has a pre-amp, so will plug into any input. It also has USB out and comes with recording software if you are intending to record your vinyl. Comes with a $50 gift voucher. More info

LP140x - $599

Modelled after the famous SL1200, the LP 140x is a professional DJ turntable priced nice for the home user. It comes with pitch control, plays 33, 45, & 78, has a high torque motor and an anti-resonant, mass-damped, die-cast aluminum platter.

Removable headshell means you can upgrade the cartridge if you go fall down that rabbit hole.

It ONLY has a phono output, so you might need a pre-amp (which we sell). It is a far more solid build that the LP120x and comes with a DJ needle. More info

Note: there are other turntables in the AT range but the ones listed above are by far the best sellers. We can happily order the others for you. Payment up front is required and we will ship for free.


Don't buy electronics from overseas! Even if you get a transformer, you will be buying a product that is not supported locally for service or repairs but FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY it will not have passed the Australian Government's QC inspectors and will therefor be illegal. This means that you will be legally liable if anything untoward (read, burn your house down or electrocute someone) happens and insurance will not cover it. True Story. .

Oh, ps, we can sort out any pre-amp or connectivity issues you might have :)