The Perfect Team

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STAFF - In Order of Employ

Barney and/or Kato

Crate digger in residence. Rest assured that any second-hand crate, shelf or rack in the store has every record in its place, thanks to this guy: who can smell an inside, b-side Craig David remix from 20 paces. 

Ben Fester - Vinyl Junkie

This guy can actually subsist off vinyl. Ben, who when he's not mixing up a storm or being out 'n stuff, is bringing his vast musical knowledge to bear on our order sheets!


Maia Bilyk

New kid on the block and somehow also an FBi presenter which now makes 4/4 :D This bio will develop as we get a handle on all of Maia's particular foibles.

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Tia Newling

And now our FBi collection is complete: staff, DJs and (ex) producers all accounted for. Welcome Noob.

Steph - aka pH

This guy! One time DJ. Knows nothing, mops floors.


Adi Toohey - FBi radio host & funk-doobiest DJ about. 

The antidote to dudey record store culture. Our resident 'newbie' knows her way around the turntables and broadcasts weekly on local radio station FBi. Adi also has a most eclectic taste and never plays the same record in a row in-store (which can't be said for the guy below)  

Ritual aka Lef - Saturday Guy Emeritus

The elder statesman of the store who, now gainfully employed during the week, still has keys, but never uses them. Classically trained in Mix-ology, Produce-ology, Jazz-ology, Guitar-ology, Wine-ology and both taking and giving great advice ;)


The Right Hon. Rev Dr Groove Shoes

This is pH's not-silent-enough partner. Also known for genetically enhanced financial backing, organic eggs and his ability not to do anything during stock take. 



The Electrician - Emeritus

Nuff Said! On Sabbatical getting us tickets for Melbourne gigs. 

J Mez - Designer Extraordinaire

Our erstwhile Mixologist, Designer and leaving of crumbs on the counter. As you can see, he has started brain-washing his daughter from a very young age.

Morphingaz - Resident School Master.

Teacher of the skillz, illuminator of the dark, beat master with more fingers than meet the eye. Yes, we do lessons!

The Supa-Triviator

The man about town with the subs! For real, this guy knows more people than actually exist. And Euan is actual proof that you don't need to work here to work here. And he like pink flags ..  and Champain Lyf.

Thomas Gillman - Circuitry Man

The newest edition to our team, was in the right time (on the decks mixing a sub FM show) at the right time (as Steph said: 'do you guys know any one good with electronics') and the rest is history. Mr Gillman here is the talented and fastidious fixer-upperer of decks! We have the gear (out the back) and he knows how to use it.

Josh Panakera Molony.

Back-up Dancer & Ableton Whiz.