Powered Speakers - No Amp Needed.

Like everything we offer, we have done the research so you don't have to. We know you want great sound from reliable gear that doesn't break the bank, and so here we are. Affordable, high quality audio that will fit in your apartment. 

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B2 Bluetooth - $349

Setup and pairing is super easy and no special software is needed. Incredible sound from a small unit with real bass. Same drivers as the award winning A2s.

Forbes Review: Audioengine’s B2 Bluetooth speaker sounds as good as it looks. It’s as simple as that. It plays loud, is simple yet attractive, and has some great touches that make it one of the best BT speakers going. Black and Walnut always in stock

Check out the LP60 + B2 combo deal - $599

A5+ Bluetooth $699

18cm x 28cm

5 inch drivers, very impressive sound. The best part is that they have managed to get so very close replicating to the real bass in recordings without using any digital enhancement.

Works with: Pretty much anything. Any device or amp. Computers (Mac or PC)
iPod, iPhone, and iPad (all phone and tablets)
Audioengine wireless audio adapters,
Apple Airport Express + AirPlay and any product with mini-jack or RCA outputs.

• Built-in power amplifiers
• Remote control
• Improved thermal management
• RCA and mini-jack audio inputs
• Front panel volume control
• USB power charge port
• Variable preamp audio output
• Gold-plated connectors
• Full-size 5-way speaker binding posts
• Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
• Hand-built MDF wood cabinets
• Magnetically shielded

$699 (black, white) NOTE we do not keep the white in stock but can order them in very easily.

A2+ Bluetooth $379

11cm x 16cm

We were not expecting these little guys to cut it, at 2.75 inches they are tiny, but oh boy, not tinny. We have them on display in the store for you to listen to.

We suppose this is the reason they are The most celebrated desktop speaker of all time.
with awards from WIRED, Sound & Vision, Gizmodo, The Absolute Sound, PCMag, and many others. 

With a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the Audioengine 2+ allows you to send high-quality digital audio direct from your computer’s USB port as well as using it like a regular speaker with RCA cables.

• Built-in analog power amplifiers
• Dual analog audio inputs
• USB audio input
• Hand-finished wood cabinets
• Variable audio output
• Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
• Power-saving idle mode
• Cables included
• Works with Mac or PC, no software to install
• Designed for desktop use, but will fill a room

$379 (black, gloss white) NOTE we do not keep the white in stock but can order them in very easily.

Some boom in your room

Add some serious bottom-end to your system. This means way more bass and also not having to run your top-end so loud . Having said this the A5 have great bass and this sub will really piss any down-stairs neighbours off :)

Super-compact size
8″ custom downfiring woofer
Solid hand-finished, front-ported cabinet
Auto-sleep power saving mode
Dual line-level inputs (RCA and mini-jack)
Cables included
Excellent performance for music, movies, and videogames
A perfect bass extension for Audioengine powered speakers or any audio system!



Surround sound receivers
Powered speakers
Desktop computers, laptops, notebooks
Flat panel TVs with an analog output iPods and all other music players
Internet radio and network music systems
Videogame consoles


Satin Black Paint
Hi-Gloss White Paint

$549 (10% off the entire sale with A5+ or A2+ speaker purchase)