Recordstore Refund Policy

At the Recordstore you are able to listen to and inspect all vinyl before you purchase it. Due to this fact and because vinyl is so easily damaged by careless handling we do not generally offer refunds once you have taken the goods home. 

We do not offer refunds if you simply change your mind, unless of course you come back within the hour after having discovered that your bank account has been emptied by Russian hackers and you need bus fare home.

In some cases, and where the vinyl is in immaculate condition we will allow exchanges, but this has to happen much sooner rather than later.

Should you be purchasing a present, we will happily offer the giftee the right to exchange as long as they come in as soon as possible after receiving the gift and if the vinyl has not been damaged in any way. 

In the case of pressing flaws, which are easily distinguishable from the damage caused by careless handling, we will exchange or refund.

In the case of warped records we have a flattener and will happily de-warp any vinyl in the shop for free, including anything you have purchased and taken home, as long as you bring it back in good time and retain the receipt or have left the price label on.