Scratching / Hiphop Mixing

An Introduction

It is our philosophy that no one can teach anyone to be a great DJ or producer. The path to both these professions is a long and personal one; practice and perseverance are key. As such, the aim of our sessions is not to turn you into a superstar DJ or producer. If this was possible in two hours, you wouldn't need us, would you? 

In contrast to all the other bootcamps and schools out there we are more concerned with making you comfortable with the concepts & history behind DJing and producing while you get your fingers into it, so that when you leave you will understand what it's all about should you want to pursue it. 

More importantly, you will have had fun and experience a side of life you have probably only seen from a distance with an instructor who does not just talk the talk, but actually lives the life - working & performing in the music industry. In short, this is an experience you cannot get elsewhere. 

Our sessions are two hours, one-on-one inside our actual record store or studio at a cost of $175 (including GST). 

Hip Hop Scratching

Do you know the difference between a Crab and a Flare? You will after a DJ scratching taster course in our inner city underground record store! Learn the basics of scratching and the history of hip hop from a working Sydney DJ with years of mixing experience. Are you ready to battle?

If you've ever pulled a record back and forth and liked the noise, then you've been hooked by scratching! But there's a lot more too it, as you will learn with our hip hop and scratching taster course.

Your lesson will be conducted exclusively on vinyl records. This is how scratching was invented and the fundamentals are best learnt without digital bells and whistles to distract you! Your new-found knowledge and skills are then easily transferred to digital media.

Once your lesson starts, you will learn that there are literally hundreds of different ways to scratch, each with its own name but all made up of the same underlying basic moves, and you will get to try many of these on the day. You will also see how you can make records say things by scratching samples in certain ways and learn about beat-juggling in order to create new rhythms from old ones.

You will learn about who invented scratching and why and hear stories of some classic battles that have happened at the world scratching championships.

We provide all the tools and equipment for your DJ scratching course and have the largest range of battle weapons - records with scratch-friendly samples on them - in Sydney. We will even show you the correct way to set up turntables and speakers at home.

The bonus of one-on-one scratching sessions is that you can learn at your own pace. If you want to stick to one area of interest, you can! But most importantly, you will have fun. There's no right or wrong way to scratch or beat juggle, so after you learn the basics, it's all about creating your own style!

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We have been providing these experiences for Red Balloon for 5 years

  • Way more than I expected.                
  • Had an incredible time, was so      interesting and enjoyable the people were really relaxed and friendly too      so all in all had a wonderful experience. Defiantly a must for      music lovers.           
  • I really liked it, Peter was keen to      know exactly what I was wanting to get out of the experience which we were      then able to tailor the session to what I was wanting to do. 2      hours was a good time to start and it answered a lot of questions I had about      audio production. Highly recommended.
  • Even though it was only 2 hours i      gained some real quality information. I look very forward to booking      plenty more hours. Great to work with, level headed and open minded. Keep      up the good work.
  • I would tell      them, if they want to get into dj'ing this is a must before they do      anything! 
  • Red Balloon experiences make amazing      gifts! 
  • Great group of guys at the store and      with a vast selection of records. I was a complete beginner coming into it      and by the end was scratching and mixing my way to enjoyment. A      great experience  I wont see myself becoming a DJ anytime soon      but was a great music experience. 
  • Great one on one experience.      Friendly staff with exceptional communication. 10/10 
  • Bit daunting      to begin with but got right into it eventually and couldn't get me off the      decks...
  • All good.      Lefroy took the time to evaluate my experience. A great learning      experience in a chilled / relaxed atmosphere. I recommend
  • The DJ mixing taster was      unbelievable. It was done at the Record Store in Sydney and the DJ, Lefroy      was great. He grabbed a couple of beers and went through everything that i      needed to know. He let me keep practicing until i got it right      and then moved onto the next part of the lesson. Overall the experience is      one i wont forget in a hurry!
  • Great night learning to dj in a      relaxed atmosphere, I learnt a lot and i am pumped to learn      more! 
  • I would definitely tell those      interested in DJing to try this taster course. I learnt a lot, had fun      with two of my favourite tracks, and had a couple of beers during to make      it relaxing too. 
  • The scratching class was      superb. I didn't actually want to leave, and they tolerated this very      amiably. A great relaxed atmosphere and teaching that was very responsive      to to my particular interests. Top marks - thanks! 
  • I had fun, the boys and the ol'      record store are easy going fun and professional
  • Lefroy was a      great teacher, relaxed and really positive and keen to tailor the      experience to my musical tastes ... the 2 hrs went very quickly, so I      definitely want to do it again. It was also good to practice before hours      so that I didn't look like a learner in front of customers! Thanks.
  • I bought the voucher for my best      friend and I went along to watch on the day. The guys at the store were      really friendly and made it a very relaxed environment. The experience was      great and my friend got a lot out of the day. We will be going back to the      Record Store from now on!! Thanks Guys! 
  • The experience was brilliant. often      with these things you sit around watching some guy show off his chops and      then he calls that a lesson...this was exactly the opposite. i had heaps      of time on the decks and got very instructive and logical input from Matt.      he very much tailored the lesson to suit my taste and capability. the set      up was very relaxed and made me feel very at-home; esp. the beers to help      bring the groove! will thoroughly recommend it to my friends 
  • The guys put plenty of effort &      extra time in - they are very passionate about what they do and more than      willing to share. 
  • I had so      much fun being a DJ or 2 hours.. it was an amazing      experience. 
  • Getting the original voucher was      great, being able to exchange it for something      I appreciated more was better 
  • A great experience & I would do      it again